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Review of file features/step_definitions/cucumber_rails_steps.rb
on branch master

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16  def install_cucumber_rails(*options)
17    if options.include?(:not_in_test_group)
18      gem 'cucumber-rails', path: "#{File.expand_path('.')}"
19    else
20      gem 'cucumber-rails' , group: :test, require: false, path: "#{File.expand_path('.')}"
21    end
22    # From Rails 5.1 some gems are already part of the Gemfile
23    if Gem.loaded_specs['rails'].version < Gem::Version.new('5.1.0')
24      gem 'capybara', group: :test
25      gem 'selenium-webdriver', group: :test
26    else
27      # Make sure to restrict the selected selenium-webdriver version
28      # Since version 3 geckodriver is required to be installed
29      gemfile_text = File.read(expand_path('Gemfile'))
30      gemfile_text.gsub!("gem 'selenium-webdriver'", "gem 'selenium-webdriver', '~> 2.0'")
31      overwrite_file('Gemfile', gemfile_text)
32    end
33    gem 'rspec-rails', group: :test
34    gem 'database_cleaner', group: :test unless options.include?(:no_database_cleaner)
35    gem 'factory_girl', group: :test unless options.include?(:no_factory_girl)
36    # Newer versions of rake remove a method used by RSpec older versions
37    # See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35893584/nomethoderror-undefined-method-last-comment-after-upgrading-to-rake-11#35893625
38    if Gem::Version.new(RSpec::Support::Version::STRING) < Gem::Version.new('3.4.4')