How can we help?

   Do you have difficulties keeping your application complexity under control when it’s growing?

   Is your maintenance work eating too much of your workforce?

   Do you struggle delivering regular, high quality releases?

   Do you have a hard time convincing your team and manager that the best time to improve quality is now?

   We can help you setup sustainable best practices in your team

   We can audit your architecture from database to view for structural or performance bottlenecks

   We can review your code with you

Focus on the Big Battles.
Better developers make better software

We built PullReview on this one simple idea.

In other words, as developers,
our best chances at delivering high value
to our customers is to keep improving.

This is something we practice and evangelize.

Who are we?

We’re a team of three Ruby (and Rails) developers based in Brussels, Belgium. Each of us has more than 10 years of experience in development. We’ve worked with startups and multinationals, built systems small and big, worked with brand new and legacy code and worked in various functions from developers to architects to team leaders.

We’re very keen to apply and improve based on best practices - something we call “sustainable development”.

We all do development in Ruby and Rails, with our own history and specialities.

Meet the team:

Christophe Philemotte


Christophe has a PHD in artificial intelligence, and is keen on good design, profiling and system administration.

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Stéphan Mestach


Stephan is a engineer in IT and a specialist in code quality and automation.

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Martin Van Aken


Martin is a technical team lead and agile/best practice coach.

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Here are some of our recent achievements for our customers:


  Technical Audit

Audit of a legacy codebase (5 man days), from development process to infrastructure to javascript code. Deliverable was an ordered list of clear and concrete improvements to be applied by the team.

  Technical Coaching

Following the audit, we were called back by TagTagCity to help them implement the recommended changes, and to help them in a big transition from a homemade framework to a modern one, including a full database refactor. We helped their team to select a good technology, implement the various features and deploy it into production.

Geoffroy Simon
8th Color focussed on strengthen our team by helping them to reach their daily goals. We still rely on the foundations they created in the company.
Geoffroy Simon, COO


  Best Design High Performance Application

Design and develop a cpu- and memory-intensive simulator thanks to a deep understanding of design pattern, data structure such as graph, algorithm complexity, and stochastic processes. It involves advanced knowledge and technics such as modeling, advanced statistics, and profiling.



  Best Practice Coaching

Help a team of developers with very diverse experience to improve by applying agile methodologies, standardizing the technology and setting up a good development infrastructure including unit tests, systematic code reviews, automated code reviews, continuous integration and one click deploy for their various applications.



  Performance Audit

Work with the Famest team to prepare their application for scaling. Setup of profiling tools to measure the performance and improve it.

Martin Meys
8th color helped us to detect our architecture weaknesses and to prepare it for scaling.
Martin Meys, Cofounder


  Coding & Customer contact

Work with a designer and the team of a non profit association to develop a software to incite teenagers to start scientific careers. Development and deployment of a Rails application, management of customer requirements.


Further information

Our product


PullReview is an automated code review service for Ruby developers and teams - try it

Articles, blog


We blog about Ruby, code reviews and best practices on

Talks, events

We like to meet the Ruby community to talk about quality and code reviews at various events.

We’re coaches and co-organizers for RailsGirls Brussels, we co-organize the Belgium Ruby User Group and you can find us at many RubyBurgers.