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Which Developer are You?

Feel More Confident about the Code You Produce
Mauro Morales, Developer

We don’t do any pair programming because most of the time everyone is working on their own code. PullReview helps us to create a standard so that at least when you see someone else's code it still feels like home. It ensures there's a quality standard so that code remains readable and is transferable when necessary by putting more emphasis on testing and the documentation. When we have to collaborate and touch the same source files Fixing or improving code.

It makes me feel more secure about the quality of what I’m pushing to production and I feel more confident when sharing what I’ve worked on.

Get your Branch reviewed, Spot the Problems and Learn How to Fix Them
Rules the Seas. At your Pace.

Get better, review after review.

Improving your coding skills is a balance between learning and applying what you learned. With PullReview you can learn while working on your projects and your codebase.

Focus on the Big Battles.

Get feedback on your last commit.

Code reviews are indispensable, but not for all of your code at the same time. PullReview draws your attention to the problems at hand, so you can discuss the bigger project challenges with your peers. Your project gets better with every code review and so do you.

What does a Code Review Look Like?

We can detect 500+ Types of Issues

We are constantly on the lookout for new insights in what makes better Ruby and Rails code. We sift through thousands of blog posts, talks, seminars, etc. and add validated insights to PullReview such that you can produce better code.

From style to security

PullReview gives you feedback on all aspects of your code:

  • style (respect of the used conventions)
  • duplication (we all love DRY)
  • complexity (better to refactor it now)
  • the way you document your code (you'll thank yourself in some months)
  • typical code smells (so they don't blow off later)
  • security (to sleep better at night)
  • Test Driven Development best practices for writing tests for that new feature you've added.

All under the same umbrella, at your fingertips.

Issues are highlighted right within your code

PullReview highlights the code snippet where the issue you are looking at is located. Like this you can immediately dive into the right part of the code.

Get insights how to fix the issue

We not only report what's wrong with your code we also explain why it's wrong and explain different strategies how you can fix your code.

Best Practices by Ruby Experts

PullReview advocates best practices in its code reviews that are based on the learnings from some of the best ruby developers in the community

Avatar fowler

Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler is specialized in object-oriented analysis and design, UML and patterns. He's the author of several books that have a profound impact on design practices in the Object-oriented Programming paradigm.

Avatar batsov

Bozhidar Batsov

Bozhidar is the founder of the Ruby style guide, a community-driven initiative to create a Ruby coding style and best practices.

Avatar metz

Sandi Metz

Sandi is the author of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby. She advocates simple code and introduced four metrics that are heuristics for detecting issues with the code.

Getting Started is Easy

Step 1. Connect PullReview to
your Git Repository

We support GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab out of the box. Connecting it is as easy as logging into the services. After that you just select the repository and branch and you're ready for your first code review.

Step 2. Push your Work to Your
Git Repository

PullReview instantly reviews your changes on the fly. You get a review per commit that can be ordered by type (e.g. security issues, coding style, etc) or by severity. Like this you can focus on fixing the type of issues that matter most to you.

Step 3. You're Done Already.
You can Start to Improve Your Code.

Now that you have feedback you can start improving the code by fixing reported issues. After you've committed the fixes PullReview will let you know that they've been fixed.

Plans & Pricing

14-day free trial on all plans. No credit card required.

Team Solo
Price (tax excluded) 20€ / m / dev.
1 free seat per 5
20€ / m
Best For Team Lone Developer
Multiple Users
Unlimited Repositories
Unlimited Reviews
Review of every branches
Insure that:
your Rails app is Secure
your Changes are Tested
the Style Convention is followed
no Code Smells have been introduced
Rails Best Practices are followed
your Code is DRY
your Code is readable
your Code is documented
Review of:
Ruby and Ruby on Rails
Team Setup
Code Review Sharing
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