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Automated Code Review

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Rules the Seas. At your Pace.

Get better, review after review.

Feedback is essential to any learning. We give you the opportunity to keep getting better at the click of a button. Review your code continuously at your own pace and in your own flow.

Focus on the Big Battles.

Reviews that matter.

Peer review is indispensable, but not for all of your code at the same time. PullReview draws your attention to the problems in hand, so you can discuss the bigger project challenges with your peers. Your project gets better, faster, and so do you.

Fix the problems before they reach the master branch.

The idea of PullReview is simple. Log in to PullReview, sync with GitHub. PullReview analyzes your branches using all important metrics. PullReview does not rate your code - instead, it tells what is wrong, why it is wrong and how to fix it.

We encourage you to fix the problems before merging, making the code base better, bit by bit. Moreover, PullReview tells you where to go next. It gives you tips to keep improving your code, and ultimately yourself. PullReview helps you get feedback when it matters to you, on the code you just wrote.

From style to security

PullReview gives you feedback on all aspects of your code:

style (respect of the used conventions)

duplication (we all love DRY)

complexity (better to refactor it now)

the way you document your code (you'll thank yourself in some months)

typical code smells (so they don't blow off later)

security (to sleep better at night)

We'll also remind you to add a test with your last feature.

All under the same umbrella, at your fingertips.

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